Eto Bilo Maranya Rusa

by Bernabé García Sánchez

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"Eto bilo Maraña Rusa" means "This Was Maraña Rusa". Maraña Rusa means Russian Tangle. 11 compositions that range from acoustic world folk music to contemporary classical and also hard rock, ambient, progressive rock, jazz rock, in a strange mix, with some Eastern European and Eastern Asian influences.
We Open The Russian Tangle starts the album with some attack of two guitars, synthesizers, flute, pitched percussion, from A minor to synthetic scales.
A New Dawn Was Born continues this path taking octatonic, whole tone scales and distance whole tone major chords mixed with constant time signature changes in a kind of Messiaen meets King Crimson landscape.
Floating Hypnotically takes the atmospheres of "Pyramid Song" of Radiohead and "Quatour Pour La Fin Du Temps" and changes into guitar voice soloing. Constant 14/8 with slow tempo.
Pasacalle is based mostly on the bass riff. It's minimalistic in the sense of Igor Stravinsky or Olivier Messiaen transforms ideas. Jazz clashed with hard rock passages and a bit of Genesis in the middle section.
Une Ballade is in the Ravel - Debussy mood , another of the influences of the album , Impressionistic music.
Haikus is a polyrhytmic song with a haiku recited, a real haiku one about love. Drumming a la Chester Thompson- Phil Collins meets Takemitsu and Messiaen musical ideas.
Derevensky Salat which means "Village Salad" is a mix of previous songs played by piano.
Rapid Dance started as an idea based on one bass part of a Ligeti piano etude. And it develops in a different way trying to be more romantic bombastic tune. Some almost heavy metal guitars and drums.
Ruins Of An Ancient Empire is an exercise in a semitonal Contemporary Classical Music. Flute, Marimba, Piano, Bass, Drums, Synths and Violin.
To Bradu Stin Ellada is a little 6/8 tune sung in Greek language based on Greek landscapes. Played mostly with Greek Bouzouki, Russian Domra and African Kalimba.
Bulgarskiy Praznik has tunes based on Serbian and Bulgarian tunes and influences in odd time signatures. A celebration, another dance, the travel from A minor of the beginning of the album to the D myxolidian of the end. Middle section of the song is a deformated Bulgarian and Serbian tunes through the lens of polymodes of Messiaen (not the usual ones...but less known like 6 or 7 modes). Pitched percussion, drums, guitars, bass....
And this is the album, a journey through the Russian Tangle.


released July 22, 2013

Jose Antonio Gonzalez Reboredo- Lead Guitar on A New Dawn Was Born, Rapid Dance, Haikus and Bulgarskiy Praznik.
Bernabe Garcia Sanchez- Electric Guitar (Rhythm and Solos on A New Dawn, Floating Hypnotically, Pasacalle, Rhythm on Rapid Dance), 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Greek Bouzouki, Keyboard, Roland GR-20 Guitar Synth, Vocals on "To Bradu stin Ellada", Russian Domra, Kalimba.
Carlos Bajon Foronda- Irish Bouzouki and Bass
Drums, some keyboards, winds and orchestral strings programmed.

Compositions written by Bernabe Garcia Sanchez. Some arrangements by Carlos Bajon Foronda. Lyrics on To Bradu Stin Ellada by Bernabe Garcia Sanchez. Recorded from September 2011 until June 2013.



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Track Name: To Bradu Stin Ellada
Το ηλιοβασίλεμα στην Ελλάδα.
Εχει πάρει καθόλου καλύτερα;
Η θάλλασσα, Ο Ορίζοντας
Τους Φίλους και τη Ζωη
Τα ερείπια της Ελλάδα μου αγκαλία.

Το απόγευμα στην Ελλάδα.
Εχει πάρει καθόλου καλύτερα;
Ενα Ελληνικό Καφέ, σου αρέσει Ναι;
Περπατησαμε , ένα τσατ και ένα καφέ φραππέ.

Το βράδυ στην Ελλάδα.
Ο άνεμος στιν Αθίνα
Το Φεγγάρι στη Θεσσαλονίκη
Και Η Ζωη και Η Αγάπη Στην Θάλλασα.